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Academy Wars gaat over twee vijandige scholen waar mensen leven die zich in draken kunnen veranderen.

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 Tess Singer

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BerichtOnderwerp: Tess Singer   di jul 17, 2012 6:42 am

Name: Tess Singer, the point is, I can't sing...
Sex: Girl, can't you see it?
Age: 15, I wish I already was 16...
Dragon: Fire, Aren't I hot?
Type: Heterosexual
Friends: I din't meet anybody... are you stupid or something?
Enemies: Same story, you really are stupid huh?
Boyfriends: How many times do I have to say it?
Kids: No, I'm just 15 dude
Pets: Two red birds: Flame and Blaze (Flame is a girl, Blaze is a boy)

Mom: Maybe we better can't talk about her... she a psychopathic b*tch
Dad: I wish you were here...
Brother: Same story like my mother, only, he's... I don't have words for it...
Sister: Never had one

Hair: Its kinda red/brown. Wait... you have eyes to see it, why are you asking me this?
Eyes: It's, something orange? I don't know what color it really is, everybody say something else like brown, red orange... I really don't know it...
Build: I'm something like 1m72 and I'm not fat, not lean.
Clothes: I wear simple things, like a jeans and a tank...

Personality: Now, I'm sure of the things I do and I can trust myself. You can also call it Confident. And okay, I admit, I'm quickly scorched. Now happy?
You are really wasting my time you know? I won't to tell everything, maybe if I know you better but... Oké, here we go.
I was just a normal girl, but my family not. My mother and brother were mentally disturbed. They always want to kill everybody. Except my father, he was the only normal guy in the family. I loved him really, and I stille do. But my brother killed him and then, my mother killed my brother. I went to the police and now, they send me to this place. I'm happy they send my mother to a psychiatric institution. I hated her my whole life. But, that's enough, I don't gonna tel you more now.
Now, I hope you liked my introducion. if you want to now more, you can always ask. But please, go now... You're wasting my time and I have a lot of stuff to do.


I know, I know if you give me the chance
I'll be the one that stands up tall
The one, that rise's above them
the one, who gets to be...

Tess x Master Aureolus

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Tess Singer
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